Welcome to Aalborg Lystbaadehavn


Aalborg Lysbaadehavn (Aalborg Yacht Harbour) welcomes all sailing visitors to the most beautiful spot in Aalborg.

Vi have 2 dock areas, the westermost called Skudehavnen and eastermost called Vestre Baadehavn. Both are situated i beautiful surroundings - but still only a kilometer from the vibrant city center.

Here, you will find everything you need to make your stay optimal: The best yacht service facilities as well as restaurants, supermarkets, boutiques and cafés at the harbour front or just around the corner. This marina is a must if you want to visit the biggest city of northern Jutland. Aalborg offers a viriaty of possibilities for all ages!

Please feel very welcome, we wish you a memorable and happy stay. You'll find a series og pictures og our harbour here.

Per Jensen, Harbour Master


As mentionened above, there are 2 harbour areas as well as 2 yacht clubs, "Sejlklubben Limfjorden" and "Vestre Baadelaug". All facilities, inkluding both club houses, are available for visiting crews. The distance between the 2 harbours is approx. 500 meters.

The harbours hold more than 400 sites. Flease feel free to more whereever the sign is GREEN.

You pay the port fee by purchasing a ticket in the ticket machines, available in both harbours and open around the clock. The ticket must be placed visible on your boat. You can use all common credit cards but NO CASH! Please note that the harbour fee includes electricity, drinking water and free shower. The code for the toilet/shower is printet on the receipt.


By clickling the picktures below, you'll find detailed maps:


Vestre Baadehavn


Skudehavnen Nearby surroundings


Harbour fees:


June 16 - August 15 June 16 - August 15   Outside season  
Boats less than 10 m 150 DKK   120 DKK  
Boats less than 12 m 175 DKK   150 DKK  
Boats less than 15 m 200 DKK   175 DKK  
Boats 15 m or longer 250 DKK   200 DKK  
Members of Free Harbour system *)   60 DKK     60 DKK  


*) Note that only certain areas offer FH sites.